Shaping the future of work, my research is situated at the forefront of technology design and implementation in workplace environments.

As a PhD student in Human Centered Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology, I study the impact of new digital technologies on workplace practices.

To conduct this work, I create industry partnerships to assist in technological transformation in order to understand how technology changes the nature of work. I employ ethnographic methods and practices of participatory design to put people to work with technology rather than displace them by technology. As a result, I work across a number of different domains, including: Human-Computer Interaction, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Organizational Management, Manufacturing Research, and Participatory Design.

My research leverages my professional experience working in industry. Currently, I am the Senior Project Manager for the Center of Innovation for Manufacturing, part of the Georgia Department of Economic Development. I work with manufacturers across the state of Georgia to identify opportunities for improvement including technology, people, and processes.